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Our Company Mantra

"What have I done to make this experience MEMORABLE for the customer?” Every single employee of Campus Customs understands the importance of this mantra. We are proud to distinguish Campus Customs from others in the industry.

Who We Are

CampusCustoms is a screen printing, embroidery, and merchandising company with two locations in Connecticut. One in the heart of Yale University in New Haven, and the other in Hamden close to Quinnipiac University.

Campus Customs is a family-run business that produces custom merchandise and apparel for thousands of clients around the country. We are proud to produce for universities (Yale, Quinnipiac, UConn, Harvard), businesses (Modern Apizza, Two Roads Brewing), events (Special Olympics, CT Open, Dream Ride) and bands (Sister Hazel, Javier Colon, Living Colour, King Crimson). We also do smaller jobs for individual customers. Exceptional customer service remains a top priority and a defining quality of our operation.

Campus Customs has a 15,000 square-foot production facility at our New Haven location where all the graphic design, web design, screen printing, embroidery and custom printing jobs are carried out. Having everything under one roof allows for quick turnarounds, giving us a competitive edge in the fast-paced, modern marketplace, while retaining a warm, team built atmosphere.

It's this ability to customize each individual product to the needs of each customer coupled with the muscle of an established, heavy-hitting business that combine to make Campus Customs the right choice for any project. No matter how big or small the project, the Campus Customs staff approaches each job with a personalized touch and great attention to detail.

What We Do

Here are some of the services we offer:

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